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In the interest of making your visit with us productive, Arthur R. Braitman Law Offices has some tips to make you feel at ease.

Please keep in mind that no matter what your legal issue is, we don't judge. Our goal is to make you feel at ease, knowing that we are on your side and that we genuinely care about your situation. Clear information is the best way to get that accomplished.

Don't wait to get us involved. The more time we have to build a strong case for you the better. The details are still fresh in your mind and transferring that knowledge to one of our attorneys is invaluable.
Timeline your issue so it is in order from the beginning to the time you walk through our door. Be open, frank and honest. Details are always important, so please feel free to tell us everything even if you think it may hurt your case. If it's that important, we definitely need to know and build your case with those issues up front rather than playing catch up later.

Lastly, ask questions. We are well-trained and very well equipped to answer anything you need to know. We expect that you want to know how we will approach your case, how much it will cost, how long will things take. You want to know what to expect and we think you need to know what to expect. Our team will explain everything in easy terms and not peppered with legal jargon. Bring your case to us and we will work with you to make sure we are fully prepared.
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